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Employment Programs


Generally employment participants are young women of color, ages 14-18 that live or go to school in West Seattle, South Seattle, or the Central District.  They have been affected by violence in some way and are enrolled in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI).  


Powerful Voices offers two Employment Programs, ActiveVistas and DYVAS. Both of these programs emphasize the cultivation of “positive girl culture” by working to build a trusting and supportive team with other girls and women. These job readiness programs develop employable skills such as public speaking, project management, organization, teamwork, facilitation, resumes, and cover letters.  Our programs focus on cultivating the social and emotional intelligence of our youth. In practice, this looks like utilizing strength-based approaches, which means we acknowledge and value the knowledge and experiences of youth.  We affirm and utilize their knowledge by using it to guide our conversations and program arc.


When 12 Weeks Winter / Spring (February - April)
Hours/work schedule 12 weeks, 2x per week after school (4-7:30)
Stipend/pay $600 plus bus tokens and snacks

During the course of the program participants will:

  • Explore issues that negatively affect them and their communities
  • Be exposed to anti-oppression trainings and learn how to use that knowledge to create social change
  • Develop skills in teamwork, public speaking, writing, community organizing, facilitation, and management of group dynamics
  • Choose a social issue they feel connected to and create a one-hour workshop on that topic
  • Present their one-hour workshop at the Powerful Voices youth led Girlvolution Conference held every April
  • Publicly celebrated to highlight and acknowledge their work and achievements

DYVAS (Develop your Voice and Speak)

When July - August
Hours/work schedule 8 weeks, 2x per week - 10am-3pm
Stipend/pay $500 plus bus tokens and snacks

During the course of the program participants will:

  • Work together to create their own media as a form of activism in print and online zine (like a magazine).  Check out the 2010 and 2011 Zines.
  • Create written and artistic pieces that relate to weekly themes such as identity, sexism, racism, and how women are portrayed in the media
  • Collectively create and decide on the name, format, look, distribution, and layout of the zine
  • Publicly celebrated to highlight and acknowledge their work and achievements.


Youth are referred to us through the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative through self referrals, family, friends, school staff, outreach workers, counselors, probation officers, and community organizations.


To be eligible youth need to:
  • Enrolled in the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI)
  • Be socialized or identify as female and be between the ages 14-18
  • Have a valid photo ID and social security card or a permanence resident card
  • Able and highly committed to completing the program and attending weekly sessions
  • Aware of and down to work in the Central District

If a youth is not enrolled in SYVPI please check eligibility and contact the appropriate SYVPI Intake and Referral Specialist for that youths neighborhood network (choose depending on where they live or go to school) to inquire about enrollment.

If a youth is already enrolled in SYVPI and you want to refer them to a specific Powerful Voices program, please contact the appropriate Powerful Voices program staff to let them know and they can help with the referral process through SYVPI. Referral acceptance depends on if we have openings.


Email to request an application for 2016 programs.


Yecelica Jaime Valdivia, Employment Program Coordinator
Jordan Faralan, Employment Assistant


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