gabby evans

employment program ASSISTANT

she / her

206-860-1026 ext. 214

gabby works alongside Hut in co-facilitating and advancing employment programming, ranging in scope from directly engaging with young folx to maintaining day-to-day program organization.

Her empathy, honesty, and desire to stay learning keep her impassioned to serve and celebrate young folx and her community; hopefully, in ways that allow for mutual growth and understanding. Before joining Powerful Voices, Gabby found herself on various journeys, ranging from direct service with young folx and their families to food service scooping ice cream, with some sprinklings of travel, art, and good eats in between. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Syracuse University, focusing on Afro-communities + cultures throughout the Americas, thus honing in on her commitment to social justice, and her understanding of the 'personal as political.'